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What's the problem (or question)?

Do you have an idea for a solution?

How can we reproduce the issue?

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What are the running context details?

  • Installation method (e.g. pip, apt-get, git clone or zip/tar.gz):
  • Client OS (e.g. Microsoft Windows 10)
  • Program version (python --version or sqlmap --version depending on installation):
  • Target DBMS (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server):
  • Detected WAF/IDS/IPS protection (e.g. ModSecurity or unknown):
  • SQLi techniques found by sqlmap (e.g. error-based and boolean-based blind):
  • Results of manual target assessment (e.g. found that the payload query=test' AND 4113 IN ((SELECT 'foobar'))-- qKLV works):
  • Relevant console output (if any):
  • Exception traceback (if any):