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SeDuMi: Optimization over symmeric cones

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SeDuMi is a Matlab package for solving convex optimization problems involving linear equations and inequalities, second-order cone constraints, and semidefinite constraints (linear matrix inequalities). The original version was developed by Jos. F. Sturm, who sadly passed away in 2003. Development continued under the direction of Prof. Tamás Terlaky by former Ph.D. students Imre Pólik and Oleksandr Romanko.

Of course, like many open-source projects, it has benefitted considerably from contributions by others, including the developers of YALMIP and CVX, two modeling frameworks for optimization that use SeDuMi as a solver. The authors of these packages co-administer this repo, along with Jonathan Currie from AUT University.

Please note that this is an unofficial repository for SeDuMi. The official SeDuMi site is hosted by the CORAL Lab at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. We do not intend for this repository to remain a permanent fork from the official SeDuMi release. All improvements that we make here are communicated to the official SeDuMi maintainers for inclusion in the official release.

You are welcome to submit bug reports on the GitHub issue page. We cannot guarantee that they will be addressed in a timely fashion, we will do our best.

This version of SeDuMi is distributed under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

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