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Get started with Predictive Modeling using R and SQL Server Machine Learning Services

In 2017, Microsoft introduced SQL Server Machine Learning Services letting us run R or Python scripts in SQL Server, and providing easy access to Machine Learning on premises.

This sample was created to demo SQL Server MLS in the QLD SQL Server User Group meet on 1st May, 2019

The session was focused on getting familiar with SQL Server Machine Learning Services. After going over its components and features, the host demoed building a Predictive Model using R and SQL Server Machine Learning Services.

#About the Presenter

Arjun Sivadasan -

After starting his career as a .NET programmer in 2007, Arjun soon got addicted to working with data after inadvertently solving a performance problem in a team meeting. Having worn multiple hats over his career as a Database Developer, DBA and Data Team Lead, he currently leads the Data team at Minor Hotels ANZ. Arjun is excited about innovations happening in the data space, and is focused on solving business problems through performant data solutions and fostering a culture of data-driven decision making.


#Files - UCI dataset attached for reference heart-disease.names - Data description. Go through this file to understand what the variables mean

PredictiveModelingUsingR.r - R script (with comments wherever applicable) that builds the predictive Model using RevoScaleR package. Go through this to understand how the models are created and used for prediction.

PredictiveModelingUsingMLS.sql - SQL script that uses R code covered in the previous file to build a Machine Learning predictive model that is executed in the SQL on premises instance

PS: You may use this code sample as you wish. Remember that a little knowledge is often a dangerous thing:)


Get started with Predictive Modeling using R and SQL Server Machine Learning Services



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