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Use users app sound as default #58

ghost opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Michael Squires
Deleted user

Right now the default sound is set to PushoverSound. There is no way I can set it to the default sound from the android app. According to the api docs:

If no sound parameter is specified, the user's default tone will play. If the user has not chosen a custom sound, the standard Pushover sound will play.

So I guess $this->setSound(new PushoverSound); should be removed from the Message class:

Not sure if that alone is enough. Maybe also line 58 in SendMessage should have a check:

Probably something like: if ($this->message->getSound()) set sound. This way the sound parameter is not send if it is empty. But maybe it's not needed and only the first change is enough.

Michael Squires

Understood. Not passing a sound to the API would play the default sound? I can probably add this pretty quickly.

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Michael Squires GitHub #58 - Spaces 16e8918
Michael Squires

This should now be complete.

Michael Squires sqmk closed this
Deleted user

Thank you. This seems to work as expected now.

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