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A Javascript library for building SQL queries
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Sqorn is a Javascript library for building SQL queries.

Composable: Build complex queries from simple parts. Chain, extend, and embed queries.

Intuitive: Sqorn's use of modern Javascript language features like tagged template literals and promises makes building and issuing SQL queries a breeze.

Concise: Sqorn provides concise syntax for common CRUD operations.

Fast: 10x faster than Knex.js and 200x faster than Squel

Secure: Sqorn generates parameterized queries safe from SQL injection. Sqorn has no external dependencies.


Sqorn requires Node version 8 or above.

npm install --save @sqorn/pg # only Postgres is currently supported

Then read the tutorial and try the online demo.


CRUD Operations are dead simple.

const sq = require('@sqorn/pg')()

const Person = sq`person`, Book = sq`book`

const children = await Person`age < ${13}`
// "select * from person where age < 13"

const [deleted] = await Book.delete({ id: 7 })`title`
// "delete from book where id = 7 returning title"

await Person.insert({ firstName: 'Rob' })
// "insert into person (first_name) values ('Rob')"

await Person({ id: 23 }).set({ name: 'Rob' })
// "update person set name = 'Rob' where id = 23"

Build complex queries from simple parts.

  .return`distinct author`
  .where({ genre: 'Fantasy' })
  .where({ language: 'French' })
// select distinct author from book
// where language = 'French' and genre = 'Fantasy'

  sq.return`distinct author`,
  sq.where({ genre: 'Fantasy' }),
  sq.where({ language: 'French' })
// select distinct author from book
// where language = 'French' and genre = 'Fantasy'

// EMBED Queries
sq.return`now() today, (${sq.return`now() + '1 day'`}) tomorrow`
// select now() today, (select now() + '1 day') tomorrow

Learn more in the tutorial.


Sqorn is a monorepo managed with Lerna.

Clone the repo then run the following commands to install all dependencies:

npm install
npm run bootstrap # installs dependencies in all packages

npm test runs all tests. npm run clean removes all dependencies.


MIT Licensed, Copyright (c) 2018 Sufyan Dawoodjee

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