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  • Fixed issue with booleans and default values
  • Fixed issue with class redefinition
  • Updated Launchy dependency


  • Replaced json gem dependency with multi_json
  • Fixed issue with certain JSON libraries breaking on automatic #to_json calls


  • Fixed handling of additional properties w/ a set schema
  • Modified index methods to allow either raw or parsed access
  • Modified index methods to default to parsed access


  • Fixed stupid bug in inspect method


  • The AutoParse.generate method was changed to use an options Hash
  • Fixed some issues around array imports and exports
  • Schemas of type object should now correctly inherit their id URI values


  • Fixed URI resolution when base URI is missing


  • Added support for union types
  • Added support for recursive references
  • Aixed vestigial code from refactoring extraction
  • Fixed issue with references when schema URI is not supplied
  • Fixed issue with missing gem dependencies


  • Initial release
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