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A small, rudimentary debugger to learn about interprocess memory management
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Clades Cīmicum (i.e. 'Bane of Bugs')

This program is a simple, extremely rudimentary debugger that I've written to better understand interprocess memory management on Unix systems. At the moment, the program can take in a PID, and a memory address, and provided that the memory at that address is allocated, spits out the memory at that address, in the virtual memory of the process whose ID was specified. It avoids race conditions by signalling utilizing signal.h to SIGSTOP and SIGCONT the target process. These features will be expanded upon in the near future.


To compile the program simply run:



Using this program is relatively simple, the usage statement is as follows:

sudo clades-cimicum PID memory_offset length 

Where PID is the PID of the target process, memory_offset is the memory address that you wish to be read(in hexadecimal, at the moment sans '0x'), and length is the number of bytes that you wish to be read and subsequently printed.

The necessity to run as a super user is (hopefully) temporary.

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