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Notes on releasing.
0. Make sure that you have current FSF releases of autoconf, automake,
and libtool packages installed under a common installation prefix
and that these tools are in your executable search path prior to
any other installed versions. Versions delivered with Linux may be
altered so it is best to install official FSF releases. GNU 'm4'
1.4.16 is needed in order to avoid bugs in m4. These packages may
be downloaded from the following ftp locations:
autoconf -
automake -
libtool -
m4 -
Release builds should only be done on a system with a functioning
and correctly set system clock and on a filesystem which accurately
records file update times. Use of GNU make is recommended.
1. Commit any unsaved changes.
2. Create html/vX.X.html. Take ChangeLog entries and html-ify in there.
Easist thing to do is take html/vX.(X-1).html and use it as a template.
Add that file to the list of EXTRA_DIST files in the html/
3. Update html/index.html to refer to this new page as the current release.
4. Increment the release version in Put 'alpha' or
'beta' after the version, if applicable. For example:
Version should be updated in two places: in the second argument of the
AC_INIT macro and in LIBTIFF_xxx_VERSION variables.
5. Update library ELF versioning in (LIBTIFF_CURRENT,
LIBTIFF_REVISION, and LIBTIFF_AGE). These numbers have nothing to
do with the libtiff release version numbers.
Note that as of libtiff 4.X, proper ELF versioning is used so
please follow the rules listed in At a bare minimum,
you should increment LIBTIFF_REVISION for each release so that
installed library files don't overwrite existing files. If APIs
have been added, removed, or interface structures have changed,
then more care is required.
6. Add an entry to Changelog similar to:
* libtiff 4.0.0 released.
7. In the source tree do
This step may be skipped if you have already been using a
maintainer build with current autoconf, automake, and libtool
packages. It is only needed when updating tool versions.
8. It is recommended (but not required) to build outside of the source
tree so that the source tree is kept in a pristine state. This
also allows sharing the source directory on several networked
systems. For example:
mkdir libtiff-build
cd libtiff-build
/path/to/libtiff/configure --enable-maintainer-mode
otherwise do
./configure --enable-maintainer-mode
9. In the build tree do
make release
This will update "RELEASE-DATE", "VERSION", and libtiff/tiffvers.h
in the source tree.
10. In the source tree, verify that the version info in RELEASE-DATE,
VERSION and libtiff/tiffvers.h is right.
11. In the build tree do
make distcheck
If 'make distcheck' fails, then correct any issues until it
Two files with names tiff-version.tar.gz and will
be created in the top level build directory.
12. In the source tree do
'cvs commit'.
13. In the source tree do
cvs tag Release-v4-0-0
(or the appropriate name for the release)
14. Copy release packages from the build tree to the ftp site.
scp tiff-*.tar.gz tiff-*.zip \
15. Announce to list,
16. Update libtiff page on freshmeat with new version announcement.