Instructions for Local SSL Dev for Squadlytics
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Getting HTTPS to work in your local dev station (OSX)

In order to be as close to possible from prod and avoid wasting time on API/Oauth request not working due to the lack of SSL it's important to use SSL in local development.

This guide will show you how to configure your machine to be able to access the React app and the API over SSL.

0. Requirements

  • Homebrew
  • NPM

1. Updating the environment variables in the API and UI apps

We will have the following config:

Rails backend envs

In your backend repository, edit the .env file at the root of your repository and make sure you have the following line:

Restart the backend using rails s

React app envs

In your React app edit the .env.local file at the root of your repository and make sure that you have the following lines:

Restart the UI using npm start

2. Configuring dnsmasq

dnsmasq can be used to simulate wildcard domains locally. We're using it to be able to map any * address to The steps are copied from

Install dnsmasq

Clone this repository and setup dnsmasq (enter your account password when asked).

git clone
cd local-ssl-development

Add local DNS to search order in System Preferences

You now need to add your localhost as a DNS server to your network settings.

System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi (or whatever you use) > Advanced... > DNS > add to top of the list.


Try to ping any subdomaing of to make sure that it resolves to


3. Configuring local-ssl-proxy

Now that we can use any * domain locally we need a SSL proxy. We will use for that.

npm install -g local-ssl-proxy

Running SSL proxy

Run the proxy using the configuration file in this repo.

local-ssl-proxy --config proxy-config.json

4. Launch Chrome with --ignore-cr

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --ignore-certificate-errors &> /dev/null &

Go to and voilà!