A simple unix bash scripting utility written by Nicholas Valbusa for Bancha CMS.
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Bancha Bash Utilities

A simple bash script that performs many useful operations.

  • Requires: wget or curl, php, tar.
  • Tested on: Ubuntu 10+ and OSX Maverick.
  • The update procedure does not work on OSX.

1. How to install

From an unix shell (we used Ubuntu), type the following commands:

wget -q https://raw.github.com/squallstar/bancha-bash/master/bancha.sh -O _bnc.sh
chmod +x _bnc.sh
sudo mv _bnc.sh /usr/bin/bancha

Or, if you have curl instead of wget:

curl -s https://raw.github.com/squallstar/bancha-bash/master/bancha.sh > _bnc.sh
chmod +x _bnc.sh
sudo mv _bnc.sh /usr/bin/bancha

2. Usage

2.1 Install Bancha on the current directory

To do a fresh Bancha install:

bancha install

The script will ask you for a directory (leave blank to install in the current path).

2.2 Update an existing Bancha installation

Update an existing installation to the latest available version on GitHub:

bancha update

The following folders will be updated: core and themes/admin. A backup copy of both directories will be created in their paths with a ._old. prefix.

3. Utilities

3.1 Clear the website/admin cache

To clear the website and administration cache (db, pages, settings, trees, content types):

bancha clear cache

3.2 Clear the image presets cache

To clear the image presets cache (tipically will be the /attach/cache directory):

bancha clear presets

3.3 Clear the minified resources cache

To be added soon.