An iOS app to manage every Bancha website via the API system
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Bancha is an Open-source CMS. We are currently working hard to implement an iOS App that dialogs with Bancha APIs, so you can manage every Bancha powered website.

Base framework: IOSBoilerplate Currently not using ARC (Automatic reference counting) due to JSONKit lack of support.

Based on Bancha Open-Source CMS project by Nicholas Valbusa

You can download the latest version of the Bancha iOS App on the iTunes App Store:

Continuous Integration provided by cisimple.

Project status

  • Login, Logout: done
  • Content types list: done
  • Content types update: done
  • Record list: done
  • Record search by title: done
  • Single record edit form: in progress
  • Record saving: todo
  • New record form: todo
  • Delete record: todo
  • View single record/page: todo
  • Graphical layout: in progress