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PR Merge Bot

This action manages pull request integrations by allowing a structured workflow to be defined.

The workflow can use required labels, blocking labels, and require that reviewers sign-off for determining if a pull request should be integrated. By default the pull request will be blocked by incomplete/failing checks.

Once conditions are met the pull request will be integrated and branch deleted.

merged GitHub pull request and deleted branch



Runs in test mode and will comment rather than merge. This allows you to experiment with the settings without integrating a pull request. Default is false.

test mode comment left by the bot


Reviewers required, and reviewers must all approve. This enforces a reviewer mode where there cannot be any pending reviews and the submitted reviews must be in an "approved" state. Default is true.

reviewer has signed-off on pull request


One or more labels required for integration. Default is "ready".

merge and sign-off GitHub labels


One or more labels that block the integration. Default is "do not merge".

do not merge GitHub label


All checks must be completed to be eligible to integrate (this does not include the currently running Action). Note, if triggering multiple runs simultaneously (like adding two labels) this will not pass -- USE WITH CAUTION. Default is false.


Merge method to use. Possible values are merge, squash or rebase. Default is merge.


Delete the source branch of the pull request after merging. Set to false when "Automatically delete head branches" is enabled on your repo. Default is true.

NOTE: if enabled, merge-bot is unable to delete a branch from a fork.

Automatically delete head branches enabled

Example usage

You can use PR Merge Bot by configuring a YAML-based workflow file, e.g. .github/workflows/merge-bot.yml.

name: Merge Bot

      - labeled
      - ready_for_review
      - review_request_removed
      - review_requested
      - synchronize
      - unlabeled
      - dismissed
      - submitted

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Merge
    - name: Integration check
      uses: squalrus/merge-bot@v0.4.5
        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        test: true
        reviewers: true
        labels: ready, merge
        blocking_labels: do not merge
        checks_enabled: true
        method: squash
        delete_source_branch: true