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PonyGateway: PonyDebugger Gateway Server (ponyd)

This directory contains the gateway server that serves Chrome Developer Tools.

PonyGateway is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0 (


There are two ways to install both are pretty simple and can be run in userland. The end result is the same.

Quick userland install

curl -sk | \
  python - --ponyd-symlink=/usr/local/bin/ponyd ~/Library/PonyDebugger

This will install ponyd script to ~/Library/PonyDebugger/bin/ponyd and attempt to symlink /usr/local/bin/ponyd to it.

This installer uses a virtualenv bootstrap script to install PonyDebugger and all its dependencies in an isolated python environment in ~/Library/PonyDebugger.

Since this uses virtualenv, you can also download the script and customize the installation options:

curl -O
python --help

Upgrading your installation can be done with the following commands:

# activate your virtualenv
source ~/Library/PonyDebugger/bin/activate
# update the ponyd source
pip install -U -e git+
# updates chrome dev tools source
ponyd update-devtools


This process will be simplified in the future

Development installation

If you already have PonyDebugger git repo checked out you can can set up a virtualenv manually and have your ponyd installation point to your existing checkout. For demonstration we assume $VENV is set to your intended install path and $PONYDEBUGGER_PATH is set to your PonyDebugger git checkout:

# if you don't already have virtualenv installed
sudo easy_install virtualenv

virtualenv "$VENV"
source "$VENV/bin/activate"
pip install -e "$PONYDEBUGGER_PATH"

# to ensure your shell knows ponyd exists
hash -r

To run this ponyd you can either activate your environment by source "$VENV/bin/activate" and ponyd will be added to your path. You can also just call it directly via $VENV/bin/ponyd without activating first.

Starting Debugging Server

Once installed, running PonyDebugger's server is easy:

ponyd serve

By default, ponyd listens on port 9000 and only on your localhost for security reasons.

To make the server accessible by another device or computer you must have ponyd listen on which is done by:

ponyd serve -i

The listen and other ports can be customized as well. Run ponyd serve --help for more information.

Known Issues / Improvements

  • Dev Tools not appear to always load properly on Chrome Stable. First, try doing a hard refresh. If you are still having issues, try Chrome Canary or Safari.
  • Relaunching the client application requires you to navigate back to the main page.
  • Chrome Developer Tools shows some unnecessary tabs (such as Elements). ponyd update-devtools could possibly be updated to patch the incoming chrome developer tools to hide these unused tabs.


We’re glad you’re interested in PonyDebugger, and we’d love to see where you take it. Please read our contributing guidelines prior to submitting a Pull Request.