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Removing PonyDebugger from Release builds #17

barumrho opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Barum Rho Wen-Hao Lue Vladimir Lyukov
Barum Rho

This isn't really a issue, but more of a question.

I am wondering what the best practice is for getting a release build that isn't linked with PonyDebugger. Ideally, I would like to keep the release build the same as before integrating with PonyDebugger. Is there a good way to do this?

Wen-Hao Lue

Take a look at the sample PDTwitterTest application. Basically, add -lSocketRocket and -lPonyDebugger to your Other Linker Flags for Debug builds, and get rid of them in your main Linked Frameworks and Libraries list. Then you will want to surround any PonyDebugger related code (including the #include <PonyDebugger/PonyDebugger.h) in #if DEBUG statements.

Barum Rho


Barum Rho barumrho closed this
Vladimir Lyukov

If you are using continious integration server for release builds (jenkins in my case), good option would be using cocoapods and add condition to your Podfile, so PonyDebugger isn't installed on build server. For examle:

  pod 'PonyDebugger', '0.0.1'

And of course you still need to surround all PonyDebugger related code with #if DEBUG ... #endif statements.
Then just check in jenkins build log that ponydebugger isn't installed during pod install.

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