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Add server implementation #63

hongkongkiwi opened this Issue · 7 comments

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This is a good objective c server implementation. I am using this together with SocketRocket and it works well. It also uses GCDAsyncSockets.

I would suggest to add this in for the 'server part'.


Did have a server part at one point. I removed it to keep it simple. What is your use case for a server?


Yes, I'd like to +1 this as well. I'm making an OSX app and I want to create an API for other apps and plugins to interact with.

Inter-app communication is a purpose a socket server is perfect for. LiveReload uses this technique very well. Until SocketRocket adds this, I'm gonna have to use something like this.

Please add a server implementation!




Can you please let me know that, this repository "SocketRocket" supports chatting between two friends, As I've integrated this in my XCode Project, and its a broadcast communication. Do you have any idea about this? How Can I enable chating between two devices/friends?

Thanks in advance... :)


@mikelikespie ... would it be possible to just tell us at what commit it was removed...? I looked and COULD NOT find it... I'd love to at least take a gander... at even a crappy implementation
(rather than none at all..)


Hello every one, I need to fix a problem, I want to close the socketrocket connection when user disconnects from Internet/Wifi, I just want to let know the SocketRocket Server that there is no internet and it should close the connection. Is there any way to resolve this problem? If yes then please share with me, thanks

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