Utility to audit the balance of Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets. Supports multisig + segwit wallets.
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Beancounter is a command line utility to audit the balance of Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets at a given point in time (or block height). The tool is designed to scale and work for wallets with a large number of addresses or a large number of transactions.

The tool supports various types of wallets ranging from simple watch wallets to more complicated multisig + segwit.

Beancounter currently supports two types of backends to query the blockchain:

  1. Electrum public servers. When using these servers, Beancounter behaves in a similar fashion to an Electrum client wallet. The servers are queried for transaction history for specific addresses. Using Electrum servers is easiest but requires trusting public servers to return accurate information. There is also potential privacy exposure.

  2. Private Btcd node. Btcd is a Bitcoin full node which implements transaction indexes. Setting up a Btcd node can take some time (the initial sync takes ~7 days) and requires maintaining the node up-to-date. The benefit is however a higher level of guarantee that the transaction history is accurate.


Getting Started


If missing, install https://github.com/golang/dep

$ git clone https://github.com/square/beancounter/
$ cd beancounter
$ dep ensure
$ go build

Deriving the child pubkey

Let's imagine we want to track the balance of tpubD8L6UhrL8ML9... and the derivation being used is m/1'/1234/change/index.

We need to manually perform the 1234 derivation:

$ ./beancounter keytree 1234
Enter pubkey #1 out of #1:
Child pubkey #1: tpubDBrCAXucLxvjC9n9nZGGcYS8pk4X1N97YJmUgdDSwG2p36gbSqeRuytHYCHe2dHxLsV2EchX9ePaFdRwp7cNLrSpnr3PsoPLUQqbvLBDWvh

We can then use tpubDBrCAXucLxvj... to compute the balance.

Compute balance of a HD wallet (using Electrum)

$ ./beancounter compute-balance --type multisig --block-height 1438791
Enter pubkey #1 out of #1:
Balance: 267893477

Compute balance of a single address (using Electrum)

$ ./beancounter compute-balance --type single-address --lookahead 1 --block-height 1438791
Enter single address:
Balance: 111168038

Compute balance of a HD wallet (using Btcd)

https://github.com/btcsuite/btcd contains information on how to setup a node.

Beancounter requires addrindex=1, txindex=1, and notls=1. If your node is on a remote server, we recommend tunneling the RPC traffic over ssh or some other secure tunnel.



Once the Btcd is up and running, you can do:

$ ./beancounter compute-balance --type multisig --block-height 1438791 --backend btcd --addr localhost:8334 --rpcuser mia --rpcpass ilovebrownies
Enter pubkey #1 out of #1:
Balance: 267893477


Beancounter is implemented in Go. We picked Go because we wanted an easy build and distribution process. We appreciate the ability to cross-compile and distribute static binaries which don't have external dependencies.

We use the following process to determine a deterministic wallet's balance at a given block height:

  1. Derive external (receive) and internal (change) addresses.
  2. For each address, query the backend for a list of transactions. We keep deriving additional addresses until we find a large number of unused addresses.
  3. Prune the transaction list to remove transactions newer than the block height.
  4. For each transaction, query the backend for the raw transaction.
  5. For each transaction, track whether the output belongs to the wallet and whether it got spent.
  6. Iterate over the transactions and compute the final balance.


We appreciate any pull request which fixes bugs or adds features!

If you need ideas on how to contribute, we would enjoy a 3rd backend (Bitcoin-core based, processing each block by streaming the entire blockchain) as well as additional wallet types (e.g. multisig non-segwit).

Additional unittests and improvements to comments/docs are also always welcome.


Copyright 2018 Square, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


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