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@@ -44,16 +44,19 @@ Customize behaviour with a wealth of options:
--style-glob GLOB Glob to run style checks over (default: {app,lib,spec}/**/*.rb)
--style-measure VALUE Max line length (default: 80)
- --style-exclude FILE Exclude file or glob from style checking
+ --style-exclude GLOB Exclude file or glob from style checking
--no-style Disable style checking
--doc-glob GLOB Glob to run doc checks over (default: {app,lib}/**/*.rb)
+ --doc-exclude GLOB Exclude file or glob from documentation checking
+ --no-readme Disable readme checking
--no-doc Disable documentation checking
- --gte FILE,THRESHOLD If FILE contains a number, verify it is >= to THRESHOLD
+ --gte FILE,THRESHOLD Check the number in FILE is >= to THRESHOLD (a number or another file name)
-f, --all FILE Apply all checks to given file
--max-violations VALUE Max allowed violations (default: 0)
+ --json Output as JSON
--parallel Use all processors. Slower on small projects, faster on large.
-v, --version Show version
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