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Code quality threshold checking as part of your build
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Discipline will set you free.

Fails your build if code quality thresholds are not met.


Add cane to your Gemfile:

gem 'cane'

Then add a task to your Rakefile:

task :quality do
    style:    { files: '{lib,spec}/**/*.rb' },
    abc:      { files: 'lib/**/*.rb', max: 12, avg: 6 },
    coverage: { min: 95 }


Your main build task should depend or run this task. It will have a non-zero exit code if any quality checks fail. Also, a report:

> rake cane

Methods exceeded maximum allowed ABC complexity:

  lib/cane.rb:52   Cane#sample    13
  lib/cane.rb:73   Cane#sample_2  13

Lines violated style requirements:

  lib/cane.rb:20   Line length >80
  lib/cane.rb:42   Trailing whitespace

Minimum code coverage exceeded:

  90% < 92%
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