Demo app providing examples of common Catalog API interactions.
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Catalog API Demo App

Demo app providing examples of common Catalog API interactions.


This README assumes you are using Maven to build and run Java code. If you are not using Maven, the app should still work, but you will need to follow your existing build/execution steps.

STEP 1: Get a Personal Access Token

To execute the examples in this demo, you'll need a personal access token from Square. If you already have one, you can use it for this demo. If you don't already have one (or want to use a different one) you can generate a new access token:

  1. Visit the Application Dashboard at

  2. Click "New Application".

  3. Create an application with the name "Catalog API Demo".

  4. Copy the Personal Access Token that is generated and save it to an environment variable:


STEP 2: Compile the demo

The src directory should contain everything you need to compile and run the demo app. To build catalog-api-demo:

mvn compile

STEP 3: List the available examples

To confirm the demo is runnable, use the -list-examples flag to see all the available examples:

mvn -q exec:java "-Dexec.args=-list-examples"

Execute an Example

Source code for each of the examples is listed under src/main/java/com/squareup/catalog/demo/example/.

Running an example has the following syntax:

mvn -q exec:java "-Dexec.args={{ example name }} -token {{ accessToken }}"

For example:

mvn -q exec:java "-Dexec.args=create_item -token $SQPAT"

Cleanup an Example

Some examples create items and other catalog objects in your merchant catalog. You can cleanup the objects created by an example using the -cleanup flag.

Note that the cleanup code will delete items and other objects by name, and as such may delete items with the same name that were not created by the example.

For example:

mvn -q exec:java "-Dexec.args=create_item -token $SQPAT -cleanup"