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Square Connect API Examples

This repository contains code samples demonstrating the functionality of the Square Connect API and templates to simplify use of our SDKs and APIs.

In this repository

  • connect-examples/oauth - samples demonstrating OAuth functionality
  • connect-examples/v1 - samples demonstrating Connect v1 functionality
  • connect-examples/v2 - samples demonstrating Connect v2 functionality
  • templates/ - code blocks and function definitions to simplify common usage

Getting help

Complete documentation for Square APIs is available at

If you have questions about Square Connect API features or implementation, you can ask for help on Stack Overflow or in our Slack community.

Release notes


All V2 examples have been updated to remove vulnerable libraries and to ensure consistency between examples.


Updating directory structure and submitting inaugural code templates.


On 23 May 2017, we improved our SDKs to expand their functionality and make them easier to use. Unfortunately, some of the changes are not backward compatible. You can read more about the changes in our SDK blog post.


On 16 February 2016, we changed the way merchant data is represented in the Connect APIs. The data change also altered API behavior slightly. The samples in this repository reflect this altered behavior. If you created your Connect API application before 16 February, you can find samples that reflect your application's behavior in the v1 directory.

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