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# Demonstrates a Sinatra server listening for webhook notifications from the Square Connect API
# See Webhooks Overview for more information:
# This sample requires the following gems:
# sinatra (
# unirest (
require 'base64'
require 'digest/sha1'
require 'json'
require 'openssl'
require 'sinatra'
require 'unirest'
# Your application's access token
# Your application's webhook signature key, available from your application dashboard
# The URL that this server is listening on (e.g., '')
# Note that to receive notifications from Square, this cannot be a localhost URL
# The base URL for every Connect API request
# Headers to provide to Connect API endpoints
REQUEST_HEADERS = { 'Authorization' => 'Bearer ' + ACCESS_TOKEN,
'Accept' => 'application/json',
'Content-Type' => 'application/json'}
# Retrieves payments by the IDs provided in webhook notifications.
# Note that you need to set your application's webhook URL from your application dashboard
# to receive these notifications. In this sample, if your host's base URL is
#, you'd set your webhook URL to
post '/events' do
# Get the JSON body and HMAC-SHA1 signature of the incoming POST request
callback_body = request.body.string
callback_signature = request.env['HTTP_X_SQUARE_SIGNATURE']
# Validate the signature
if not is_valid_callback(callback_body, callback_signature)
# Fail if the signature is invalid
puts 'Webhook event with invalid signature detected!'
# Load the JSON body into a hash
callback_body_json = JSON.parse(callback_body)
# If the notification indicates a PAYMENT_UPDATED event...
if callback_body_json.has_key?('event_type') and callback_body_json['event_type'] == 'PAYMENT_UPDATED'
# Get the ID of the updated payment
payment_id = callback_body_json['entity_id']
# Get the ID of the payment's associated location
location_id = callback_body_json['location_id']
# Send a request to the Retrieve Payment endpoint to get the updated payment's full details
response = Unirest.get CONNECT_HOST + '/v1/' + location_id + '/payments/' + payment_id,
# Perform an action based on the returned payment (in this case, simply log it)
puts JSON.pretty_generate(response.body)
# Validates HMAC-SHA1 signatures included in webhook notifications to ensure notifications came from Square
def is_valid_callback(callback_body, callback_signature)
# Combine your webhook notification URL and the JSON body of the incoming request into a single string
string_to_sign = WEBHOOK_URL + callback_body
# Generate the HMAC-SHA1 signature of the string, signed with your webhook signature key
string_signature = Base64.strict_encode64(OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha1', WEBHOOK_SIGNATURE_KEY, string_to_sign))
# Hash the signatures a second time (to protect against timing attacks)
# and compare them
return Digest::SHA1.base64digest(string_signature) == Digest::SHA1.base64digest(callback_signature)