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Connect OAuth Flow Example (Ruby)

This example demonstrates a bare-bones Ruby implementation of the Square Connect OAuth flow. The application links merchants to the OAuth Permissions form and handles the result of the authorization, which is sent to the application's Redirect URL.

For more information, see OAuth Overview, along with the comments included in oauth-flow.rb.


Install Square SDK and Sinatra

This application requires gems for the Sinatra web framework and Square Connect Install them with bundle install

Specify your application credentials

In order for the sample to work, you must specify two fields in oauth-flow.rb:

  • Replace the value of $application_id with your application's ID, available on your application dashboard.

  • Replace the value of $application_secret with your application's secret, also available on your application dashboard.

Set your application's Redirect URL

On your application dashboard, set your application's Redirect URL to http://localhost:4567/callback.

Note that applications that don't use a localhost URL must use HTTPS. HTTP is allowed for localhost URLs to simplify the development process.

Running the example

To run the example, execute the following from the command line:

ruby oauth-flow.rb

You can then proceed through the OAuth flow by going to http://localhost:4567 in your web browser.

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