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Connect API v1 Java Examples

These examples demonstrate performing common Connect API tasks in Java.

These examples use the Unirest HTTP library, which is installed automatically during the Compile with Maven step below.

These examples require Java SE 8 or later.


Specify your application credentials

In order for the samples to work, you must specify values for the strings labeled REPLACE_ME at the top of each sample. Comments indicate the value you should specify.

Compile with Maven

From this directory, run mvn install to compile the application.

Run the examples

To run a particular example, execute the following from this directory, providing the name of the example where indicated:

java -cp target/shaded-connectexamples-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar com.squareup.connectexamples.NAME_OF_EXAMPLE

Valid example names are:

  • PaymentsReporter
  • ItemManager
  • WebhookHandler
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