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+## Contributing To Crossfilter
+### Individual Contributor License Agreement
+Want to add support for a new backend or visualization? We'd love for you to participate in the development of Crossfilter. Before we can accept your pull request, please sign our [Individual Contributor License Agreement][1]. It's a short form that covers our bases and makes sure you're eligible to contribute. Thank you!
+ [1]:
+### Getting Help
+Full API documentation is kept [in the wiki][2]. If you have a question or need help using Crossfilter, please ask on Stackoverflow using the [crossfilter tag][3]. Feel free to file bug reports and other suggestions in the [github issue tracker][4].
+ [2]:
+ [3]:
+ [4]:
+### License
+Crossfilter is available under the [Apache License][5].
+ [5]:
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