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no graphite data appears in graphs when using derivative function #30

timurb opened this Issue · 1 comment

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When using derivative or some other processing function for accessing graphite metric like nonNegativeDerivative(collectd.ts_toa.interface-ppp0.if_octets.rx) initial set of data appears in the graph but it is not updated.

Graphite seems to calculate function only for the requested period so derivative for a single data value produces zero and we therefore receive no data for update. I can check that in chrome console.

If I remove the call for nonNegativeDerivate function from metric definition the data seems to be displayed ok (but it becomes not very useful in this case) so I don't think this is the issue with my setup.

Graphite 0.9.10 is used and cubism.js.v1.min.js from gh-pages branch.


I has this problem also. Could you, please, try this fix?

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