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It would be lovely to control the width of the plots (i.e. the horizon plot) independently of the context's .size() method, especially for plots where getting a large number of data points is expensive.

The user would have to suffer a loss in the aesthetic of the plot in sacrificing some resolution, but this would be a better compromise to having a thin little plot!

seven1m commented Jun 6, 2012



I'm in the process of using Cubism for an application.
I also need to change the resolution, can't pull data for every pixel all the time.

Any idea on how to implement this?


+1 Would love to use a responsive width from bootstrap.

lithp referenced this issue Feb 8, 2013


Responsive Width? #36

errows commented Sep 11, 2013

+1 This would be a great addition.

strncat commented May 20, 2014


dawa commented May 21, 2014


kerwin commented Oct 26, 2015


Frencil commented Apr 4, 2017

👍 - is this on any road map?

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