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The cubism does not work well with new version of d3 (version 3), I could find the problem with graphite.find and fix it, but still the graph does not get rendered even with right metrics. I does work fine when I switch included lib to d3 2.10 and use the very same code:".horizon")
  .enter().insert("div", ".bottom")
  .attr("class", "horizon")
  .call(context.horizon().extent([0, 1]));

this is just end part of the rendering code, that is imho the most relevant.

are there plans to make it d3.v3 compatible, or can it be fixed/patched to work?


@whilp whilp referenced this issue in monitorama/hackathon Mar 17, 2013

Add d3 v3 support to Cubism #26


Thanks for letting us know. I can look into this.

Which browser(s) are you testing with? I've just tried the demo in the gh-pages branch with the latest d3 3.0.8 in Safari 6 and it seems to be working fine. Can you post an example of errors you're seeing? Screen-shot, or ideally a gist? Are there any errors in the console?


Also seems to work fine for me with d3 3.1.4 and Chrome 26 and Firefox 14


WFM in Firefox 19-20 and Chrome 26.

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