time shift for cubism context just like the shift for graphite metrics #45

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i found it quite handy to render data in the past.

Steve Cai added some commits Mar 6, 2013
Steve Cai add shift parameter to cubism context, which enables rendering data d…

a period in the past. though metric.shift can render data correct, but does
not make the axis right.
Steve Cai compiled js file 105d32c

Like this a lot!


FYI, this is the same as setting serverDelay to a large number, which is how I’ve accomplished this same thing in the past. I’d probably favor keeping only serverDelay for the sake of parsimony, but it’d definitely be worth adding this to the documentation for serverDelay.

Steve Cai added some commits Apr 9, 2013
Steve Cai duplicate horizon and rename it to line chart 3b2da72
Steve Cai a simple linechart implementation. cce416b
Steve Cai linechart now renders yaxis, quite dumb though. 156f481
Steve Cai be easy, no need to transform the actual linechart 351fc35
Steve Cai add three configurable option to line chart
  when rendering how many data points will be rendered as one graph point, default: 1

  exposing svg.line's option, default: 1

  render y axis, default: false
Steve Cai another useful option: summarize, a function that defines how data sh…
…ould be

summarized during a certain step. The default summarize function is sampling
the first element in the step. d3js also provices a series of other candidate
like d3.sum, d3.max, d3.min, d3.median, d3.mean
Steve Cai linechart supports rendering few data points than number of pixels to…
… be displayed.

linechart and axis object now takes an addition option: width to configure their
actually width regardless of the size of context (i.e. how many data points to be rendered)
Steve Cai avoiding y axis overlap with acutal graph.
use axis_width instead of show_yaxis to control whether y axis is displayed or not
Steve Cai fixing axis width c4cab6c
Steve Cai being able to set ticks a08cf04
Steve Cai takes a list of metric and rename stuff to metrics.
get rid of title span and value span. replace it with toolkit box
Steve Cai nice toolpit size and positioning 55fd167
Steve Cai fixing bug that toolpit cannot load metric from metrics other than th…
…e first metric
Steve Cai being able to draw multiple lines in one chart 8a45035
Steve Cai making the toolpit looks better and value rendered in color matching …
…the line
Steve Cai refining data round up 0f95fda
Steve Cai being able to change ticks format 8e08055
Steve Cai data maynot start from 0 e24647e
Steve Cai pretty values in the toolpit box 058ff8d
Steve Cai make sure when every line is ready 0ae4bdf
Steve Cai refactorize the logic for auto range detection 5fd2a8a
Steve Cai fixing typoe 4cce58a
@glasnt glasnt added a commit to machiavellian/machiavelli that referenced this pull request May 29, 2014
@glasnt glasnt Fixed issue when not-now enddate on horizon
Machiavelli needed 'stop', not 'end' as a value

Also, serverdelay is the mechanism used to timeshift graphs, per
square/cubism#45 (comment)

no longer need, i guess.

@goodcjw goodcjw closed this Jun 24, 2015
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