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git clone --recursive on steroids
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git-fastclone is git clone --recursive on steroids.

Why fastclone?

Doing lots of repeated checkouts on a specific machine?

Repository 1st Fastclone 2nd Fastclone git clone cp -R
angular.js 8s 3s 6s 0.5s
bootstrap 26s 3s 11s 0.2s
gradle 25s 9s 19s 6.2s
linux 4m 53s 1m 6s 3m 51s 29s
react.js 18s 3s 8s 0.5s
tensorflow 19s 4s 8s 1.5s

Above times captured using time without verbose mode.

What does it do?

It creates a reference repo with git clone --mirror in /var/tmp/git-fastclone/reference for each repository and git submodule linked in the main repo. You can control where it puts these by changing the REFERENCE_REPO_DIR environment variable.

It aggressively updates these mirrors from origin and then clones from the mirrors into the directory of your choosing. It always works recursively and multithreaded to get your checkout up as fast as possible.

Detailed explanation here.


gem install git-fastclone
git fastclone [options] <git-repo-url>

-b, --branch <branch>   Clone a specific branch
-v, --verbose           Shows more info
-c, --color             Pretty colors!

Change the default REFERENCE_REPO_DIR environment variable if necessary.

Cygwin users need to add ~/bin to PATH.

How to test?

Manual testing:

ruby -Ilib bin/git-fastclone <git url>

Compatible with Travis and Kochiku.


If you would like to contribute to git-fastclone, you can fork the repository and send us pull requests.

When submitting code, please make every effort to follow existing conventions and style in order to keep the code as readable as possible.

Before accepting any pull requests, we need you to sign an Individual Contributor Agreement (Google form).


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