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Stop trying to update a tag to mark the latest green build

This fixes the issue wherein developers' local copies of the "latest green
build" marker wouldn't be updated after pulling even when a CI machine had
updated the reference.

See "DISCUSSION On Re-tagging" in the git-tag(1) man page for details about why
updating tags intentionally causes downstream-developer pain.

(We're not naming the new branch the same thing as the tag so that it's not
ambiguous -- that is, so people don't have to type refs/heads and refs/tags all
the time. Also, "latest green build" is what people actually call it!)
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1 parent eabb09c commit da6b546af7527a0bccf9bc1b8b00726c95c8ed5e Chris Kampmeier + Sean Sorrell committed Nov 10, 2012
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  1. +4 −5 script/ci
@@ -47,11 +47,10 @@ function prepare_and_run() {
-function tag_green_build() {
- tag_name="ci-jetpack-master/latest"
- git tag -f -m "tagging green build" "$tag_name"
- git push -f origin "$tag_name"
+function mark_latest_green_build() {
+ git checkout -B latest-green-build HEAD
+ git push -f origin HEAD:latest-green-build
prepare_and_run "1.9.3-p0" &&

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