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Keysync is a production-ready program for accessing secrets in Keywhiz.

It is a replacement for the now-deprecated FUSE-based keywhiz-fs.

Getting Started


Keysync must be built with Go 1.11+. You can build keysync from source:

$ git clone
$ cd keysync
$ go build

This will generate a binary called ./keysync


Keysync uses Go modules to manage dependencies. If you've cloned the repo into GOPATH, you should export GO111MODULE=on before running any go commands. All deps should be automatically fetched when using go build and go test. Add go mod tidy before committing.


Entire test suite:

go test ./...

Short, unit tests only:

go test -short ./...

Running locally

Keysync requires access to Keywhiz to work properly. Assuming you run Keywhiz locally on default port (4444), you can start keysync with:

./keysync --config keysync-config.yaml
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