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Change Log

Future release

Version 1.6.3 (2019-01-10)

  • #1163 Fixed leaks being incorrectly classified as "no leak" due to missed GC Roots.
  • #1153 LeakCanary.isInAnalyzerProcess now correctly returns true in the analyzer process prior to any first leak (could be triggered by starting the leak result activity).
  • #1158 Stopped enabling DisplayLeakActivity when not using DisplayLeakService.
  • #1135 Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException for leak traces of size 1.
  • #1163 Keep "no leak" heap dumps.

Many thanks to @KMaragh, @pyricau, @SebRut for the code contributions!

For more details, see the 1.6.3 Milestone and the full diff.

Version 1.6.2 (2018-10-16)

  • #1067 Fixed TransactionTooLargeException crash (leak analysis would never complete).
  • #1061 Detection of Fragment view leaks after Fragment#onDestroyView().
  • #1076 Added the FOREGROUND_SERVICE permission for Android P.
  • #1062 The LeakCanary toast now always shows correctly. It doesn't show if there is no activity in foreground.
  • #1115 Reenabled the DisplayLeakActivity icon on fresh installs.
  • #1100 Added nullability annotations to improve Kotlin support.
  • Updates to excluded leaks (commits).
  • Updates to reachability inspectors (commits).

Many thanks to @fractalwrench, @hzsweers, @Goddchen, @igokoro, @IlyaGulya, @JakeWharton, @javmarina, @jokermonn, @jrodbx, @Parseus, @pyricau, @scottkennedy for the code contributions!

Public API changes

  • Subclasses of AbstractAnalysisResultService should now override onHeapAnalyzed(@NonNull AnalyzedHeap analyzedHeap) instead of onHeapAnalyzed(@NonNull HeapDump heapDump, @NonNull AnalysisResult result)

For more details, see the 1.6.2 Milestone and the full diff.

Version 1.6.1 (2018-06-21)

  • #727 Improved leak analysis: LeakCanary now identifies and highlights the potential causes of the leak.
  • #1011 We noticed that computing the retained heap size could take a long time, so it's now optional and off by default.
  • #633 Support for detecting leaks in instrumentation tests (see the wiki).
  • #985 Ability to convert leak traces into stack traces for easy remote reporting (see the wiki).
  • #983 Support for watching destroyed Fragments.
  • #846 LeakCanary now uses foreground services and displays a notification when the analysis is in progress. This also fixes crashes when analyzing in background on O+.
  • The LeakCanary icon (to start to DisplayLeakActivity) is now hidden by default, and only enabled after the first leak is found.
  • #775 Fixed crash when sharing heap dumps on O+ and added a dependency to the support-core-utils library.
  • #930 DisplayLeakActivity has a responsive icon.
  • #685 Stopped doing IO on main thread in DisplayLeakActivity (fixes StrictMode errors).
  • #999 Updated HAHA to 2.0.4, which uses Trove4j as an external dependency (from jcenter) instead of rebundling it. This is to clarify licences (Apache v2 vs LGPL 2.1).
  • Several bug and crash fixes.

Many thanks to @AdityaAnand1, @alhah, @christxph, @csoon03, @daqi, @JakeWharton, @jankovd, @jrodbx, @kurtisnelson, @NightlyNexus, @pyricau, @SalvatoreT, @shmuelr, @tokou, @xueqiushi for the code contributions!

Note: we made a 1.6 release but quickly followed up with 1.6.1 due to #1058.

Public API changes

  • The installed ref watcher singleton is now available via LeakCanary.installedRefWatcher()
  • AnalysisResult.leakTraceAsFakeException() returns an exception that can be used to report and group leak traces to a tool like Bugsnag or Crashlytics.
  • New InstrumentationLeakDetector and FailTestOnLeakRunListener APIs for detecting leaks in instrumentation tests.
  • New Reachability.Inspector and RefWatcherBuilder.stethoscopeClasses() API to establish reachability and help identify leak causes.
  • Watching activities can be disabled with AndroidRefWatcherBuilder.watchActivities(false), watching fragments can be disabled with AndroidRefWatcherBuilder.watchFragments(false)
  • LeakCanary.setDisplayLeakActivityDirectoryProvider() is deprecated and replaced with LeakCanary.setLeakDirectoryProvider()
  • New RefWatcherBuilder.computeRetainedHeapSize() API to enable the computing of the retained heap size (off by default).

For more details, see the 1.6.1 Milestone and the full diff.

Version 1.5.4 (2017-09-22)

  • Restore Java 7 compatibility in leakcanary-watcher

Version 1.5.3 (2017-09-17)

  • Fix broken 1.5.2 build
  • Convert leakcanary-watcher from Android library to Java library
  • Disable finish animations in RequestStoragePermissionActivity
  • Corrected README sample for Robolectric tests

For more details, see the full diff.

Version 1.5.2 (2017-08-09)

  • New excluded leaks
  • Move Leakcanary UI into leak analyzer process
  • Ignore computing retained sizes for bitmaps on O+
  • Add notification channel for persistent messages on O+
  • Exclude permission activity from recents menu
  • Updated README and sample for handling Robolectric tests

For more details, see the full diff.

Version 1.5.1 (2017-04-25)

  • New excluded leaks
  • Fix java.util.MissingFormatArgumentException in DisplayLeakService
  • Separate task affinities for different apps
  • Bump minSdk to 14
  • Fix HahaHelper for O Preview

For more details, see the full diff.

Version 1.5 (2016-09-28)

  • New excluded leaks
  • Added LeakCanary.isInAnalyzerProcess() to the no-op jar
  • Fixed several file access issues:
    • No more cleanup on startup, we rotate the heap dump files on every new heap dump.
    • LeakCanary now falls back to the app directory until it can write to the external storage.
  • Leak notifications now each use a distinct notification instead of erasing each other.
  • If LeakCanary can't perform a heap dump for any reason (e.g. analysis in progress, debugger attached), it retries later with an exponential backoff.
  • Added confirmation dialog when user deletes all leaks.
  • Replace the two LeakCanary configuration methods with a builder that provides more flexibility, see LeakCanary.refWatcher().

For more details, see the full diff.

Public API changes

  • New HeapAnalyzer.findTrackedReferences() method for headless analysis when you have no context on what leaked.
  • Added LeakCanary.isInAnalyzerProcess() to the no-op jar
  • Added LeakCanary.refWatcher() which returns an AndroidRefWatcherBuilder that extends RefWatcherBuilder and lets you fully customize the RefWatcher instance.
  • Removed LeakCanary.install(Application, Class) and LeakCanary.androidWatcher(Context, HeapDump.Listener, ExcludedRefs).
  • Removed R.integer.leak_canary_max_stored_leaks and R.integer.leak_canary_watch_delay_millis, those can now be set via LeakCanary.refWatcher().
  • Updated the LeakDirectoryProvider API to centralize all file related responsibilities.
  • RefWatcher is now constructed with a WatchExecutor which executes a Retryable, instead of an Executor that executes a Runnable.
  • HeapDumper.NO_DUMP was renamed HeapDumper.RETRY_LATER

Version 1.4 (2016-09-11)

  • Fix false negative where GC root is of type android.os.Binder #482
  • Update HAHA to 2.0.3; clear compiler warnings #563
  • Correct some mistakes in German translation #516
  • Don't loop when storage permission denied #422
  • Remove old references to "__" prefixed resources #477
  • Fix permission crash for DisplayLeakActivity on M #382
  • Fix NPE when thread name not found in heap dump #417
  • Add version info to stacktrace #473

Version 1.4-beta2 (2016-03-23)

  • Add reason for ignoring to analysis result #365.
  • Lower memory usage when parsing heap dumps on M #223.
  • Fix NPE in LeakCanaryInternals.isInServiceProcess() #449.
  • New ignored Android SDK leaks #297,#322.
  • Use leakcanary-android-no-op in test builds #143.
  • Fixes to allow LeakCanary to work with ProGuard #398.
  • Optimize png assets #406.
  • Fix delete button not working on error views #408.
  • Add German translation #437.

Version 1.4-beta1 (2016-01-08)

  • Switched to HAHA 2.0.2 with uses Perflib instead of MAT under the hood #219. This fixes crashes and improves speed a lot.
  • We can now parse Android M heap dumps #267, although there are still memory issues (see #223).
  • Excluded leaks are now reported as well and available in the display leak activity.
  • Added ProGuard configuration for #132.
  • Many new ignored Android SDK leaks.
  • Added excluded leaks to text report #119.
  • Added LeakCanary SHA to text report #120.
  • Added CanaryLog API to replace the logger: #201.
  • Renamed all resources to begin with leak_canary_ instead of __leak_canary#161
  • No crash when heap dump fails #226.
  • Add retained size to leak reports #162.

Public API changes

  • AnalysisResult.failure is now a Throwable instead of an Exception. Main goal is to catch and correctly report OOMs while parsing.
  • Added ARRAY_ENTRY to LeakTraceElement.Type for references through array entries.
  • Renamed ExcludedRefs fields.
  • Each ExcludedRef entry can now be ignored entirely or "kept only if no other path".
  • Added support for ignoring all fields (static and non static) for a given class.

Version 1.3.1 (2015-05-16)

  • Heap dumps and analysis results are now saved on the sd card: #21.
  • ExcludedRef and AndroidExcludedRefs are customizable: #12 #73.
  • 7 new ignored Android SDK leaks: #1 #4 #32 #89 #82 #97.
  • Fixed 3 crashes in LeakCanary: #37 #46 #66.
  • Fixed StrictMode thread policy violations: #15.
  • Updated minSdkVersion from 9 to 8: #57.
  • Added LeakCanary version name to LeakCanary.leakInfo(): #49.
  • leakcanary-android-no-op is lighter, it does not depend on leakcanary-watcher anymore, only 2 classes now: #74.
  • Adding field state details to the text leak trace.
  • A Toast is displayed while the heap dump is in progress to warn that the UI will freeze: #20. You can customize the toast by providing your own layout named __leak_canary_heap_dump_toast.xml (e.g. you could make it an empty layout).
  • If the analysis fails, the result and heap dump are kept so that it can be reported to LeakCanary: #102.
  • Update to HAHA 1.3 to fix a 2 crashes #3 46

Public API changes

  • When upgrading from 1.3 to 1.3.1, previously saved heap dumps will not be readable any more, but they won't be removed from the app directory. You should probably uninstall your app.
  • Added android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to leakcanary-android artifact.
  • LeakCanary.androidWatcher() parameter types have changed (+ExcludedRefs).
  • LeakCanary.leakInfo() parameter types have changed (+boolean)
  • ExcludedRef is now serializable and immutable, instances can be created using ExcludedRef.Builder.
  • ExcludedRef is available in HeapDump
  • AndroidExcludedRefs is an enum, you can now pick the leaks you want to ignore in AndroidExcludedRefs by creating an EnumSet and calling AndroidExcludedRefs.createBuilder().
  • AndroidExcludedRefs.createAppDefaults() & AndroidExcludedRefs.createAndroidDefaults() return a ExcludedRef.Builder.
  • ExcludedRef moved from leakcanary-analyzer to leakcanary-watcher

Version 1.3 (2015-05-08)

Initial release.