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Maximum Awesome

Config files for vim and tmux, lovingly tended by a small subculture of peace-loving hippies. Built for Mac OS X.

What's in it?


The following assume your leader key is set to ,.

You can change your leader key using the following setting in your .vimrc:

let mapleader=','

  • ,d brings up NERDTree, a sidebar buffer for navigating and manipulating files
  • ,t brings up ctrlp.vim, a project file filter for easily opening specific files
  • ,b restricts ctrlp.vim to open buffers
  • ,a starts project search with ag.vim using the silver searcher (like ack, but faster)
  • ds/cs delete/change surrounding characters (e.g. "Hey!" + ds" = Hey!, "Hey!" + cs"' = 'Hey!') with vim-surround
  • gcc toggles current line comment
  • gc toggles visual selection comment lines
  • vii/vai visually select in or around the cursor's indent
  • Vp/vp replaces visual selection with default register without yanking selected text (works with any visual selection)
  • ,[space] strips trailing whitespace
  • <C-]> jump to definition using ctags
  • ,l begins aligning lines on a string, usually used as ,l= to align assignments
  • <C-hjkl> move between windows, shorthand for <C-w> hjkl


  • <C-a> is the prefix
  • mouse scroll initiates tmux scroll
  • prefix v makes a vertical split
  • prefix s makes a horizontal split

If you have three or more panes:

  • prefix + opens up the main-horizontal-layout
  • prefix = opens up the main-vertical-layout

You can adjust the size of the smaller panes in tmux.conf by lowering or increasing the other-pane-height and other-pane-width options.





This will update all installed plugins using Vundle's :PluginInstall! command. Any errors encountered during this process may be resolved by clearing out the problematic directories in ~/.vim/bundle. :help PluginInstall provides more detailed information about Vundle.


In your home directory, Maximum Awesome creates .vimrc.local, .vimrc.bundles.local and .tmux.conf.local files where you can customize Vim and tmux to your heart’s content. However, we’d love to incorporate your changes and improve Vim and tmux for everyone, so feel free to fork Maximum Awesome and open some pull requests!


rake uninstall

Note that this won't remove everything, but your vim configuration should be reset to whatever it was before installing. Some uninstallation steps will be manual.


Before creating your pull request, consider whether the feature you want to add is something that you think every user of maximum-awesome should have. Is it support for a very common language people would ordinarily use vim to write? Is it a useful utility that does not change many defaults and composes well with other parts of maximum-awesome? If so then perhaps it would be a good fit. If not, perhaps keep it in your *.local files. This does not apply to bug fixes.

  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

Any contributors to the master maximum-awesome repository must sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA). It's a short form that covers our bases and makes sure you're eligible to contribute.

When you have a change you'd like to see in the master repository, send a pull request. Before we merge your request, we'll make sure you're in the list of people who have signed a CLA.


Thanks to the vimsters at Square who put this together. Thanks to Tim Pope for his awesome vim plugins.