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Misk is a new open source application container from Square.

Misk-Web is a new micro-frontends Typescript + React web framework from Square. It happens to work seamlessly with Misk but is also a robust stand alone web framework.

Misk-Web is not ready for use. The API is not stable.

NPM Libraries

  • npm – React + Typescript components and utilities
  • npm – Common interfaces, colors, constants
  • npm – Shared developer build tools
  • npm – Standard TSLint configuration and rules
  • npm – Deprecated, migrated to @misk/core

Getting Started

$ npm install -g @misk/cli
$ miskweb -h

How To: Build a new Tab

Use the Misk-Web CLI

$ miskweb new


$ curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/square/misk-web/master/new-tab/get-new-tab.sh | bash -s && ./new-tab.sh

Included Docker Build Image

Examples: Data sets, Services, and Tabs

Migrating from Misk

  1. Add "miskWeb": "com.squareup.misk-web:misk-web:2018.11.23-00fdf9e", to your dependencies.gradle. Make sure to replace 2018.11.23-00fdf9e with the latest YYYY.MM.DD-githash artifact available.
  2. Add compile dep.miskWeb to your service/build.gradle
dependencies {
  compile dep.miskWeb

Recommended Workflow

  1. Fork into your personal Github account
  2. Clone repo from your fork
  3. Add square as a remote with git remote add square git@github.com:square/misk-web.git
  4. Pull any new changes with git pull square master
  5. Push any new changes to a new branch in your personal fork
  6. Open PR from personal fork -> square/master