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Misk is a new open source application container from Square.

Misk-Web is a new micro-frontends Typescript + React web framework from Square. It happens to work seamlessly with Misk but is also a robust stand alone web framework.

Misk-Web is still bleeding edge and may have breaking changes up until version 1.0.0.

NPM @misk Libraries

  • npm – React + Typescript components and utilities
  • npm – A simpler way to wire up interactive form, network, and other components with Redux
  • npm – Common interfaces, colors, constants
  • npm – Shared developer build tools
  • npm – Test libraries (Jest) and configuration
  • npm – Standard TSLint configuration and rules
  • npm – Deprecated, migrated to @misk/core


Gradle plugin to build Misk-Web tabs included inside Kotlin / Java projects.

Get usage instructions at Gradle M2 Repository.

Getting Started: Build a new Tab

Install the Misk-Web CLI. You may need to edit your ~/.npmrc and comment out any custom registry configurations.

$ npm install -g @misk/cli
$ miskweb -h

Use the Misk-Web CLI to create a new tab. If it's in a Misk service, that should be in {service name}/web/tabs/{new tab} where web is at the same level as your Kotlin src directory.

$ miskweb new


$ curl -s | bash -s && ./

Read more instructions in HOWTO


  • Examples: Data sets, Gradle examples for misk-web-plugin, Services, and Tabs

  • Recommended Workflow

    1. Fork into your personal Github account
    2. Clone repo from your fork
    3. Add square as a remote with git remote add square
    4. Pull any new changes with git pull square master
    5. Push any new changes to a new branch in your personal fork
    6. Open PR from personal fork -> square/master
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