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The upload isn't idempotent, so if you're uploading multiple artifacts and it fails partway, you'll need to invoke the uploadArchives command for each remaining artifact.

Release the base misk/misk subproject with command below from the main cash/misk directory.

$ ./gradlew misk:uploadArchives -Pinternal

Release a specific misk subproject with ./gradlew { misk-subproject }:uploadArchives -Pinternal. Example for misk-aws below.

$ ./gradlew misk-aws:uploadArchives -Pinternal

Release all misk subprojects with command below from the main cash/misk directory.

$ ./gradlew uploadArchives -Pinternal

If base misk/misk subproject or other artifacts have already been published, any of the above commands will fail. You will then need to manually uploadArchives for all subprojects. Note: the below command may not be up to date with all of the current Misk subprojects.

$ ./gradlew misk:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-aws:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-eventrouter:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-events:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-gcp:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-gcp-testing:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-grpc-tests:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-hibernate:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-hibernate-testing:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-jaeger:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-prometheus:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-testing:uploadArchives -Pinternal && \
    ./gradlew misk-zipkin:uploadArchives -Pinternal
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