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I have an app in production which uses Picasso to load a variety of image URLs.
Some of these URLs point to "invalid" images which cannot be rendered by Picasso. So far, I have handled these exceptions by indicating what the error was to the end-user.

My dilemma lies in that these "cannot render image" exceptions are all generic. Neverminding the problems I can predict in advance (i.e. check if the image URL has a valid MIME type) my app can't articulate the precise reason why an image failed to load. To date, this lack of specificity has confused my users over whether the problem is with my app or the server from which the images are being loaded.

Are there plans to percolate the rendering exception that Picasso encounters to the callback for Picasso.load.into?

Looking forward to hearing other's thoughts on this matter.


No reason why you cant expose this. I am not sure we will be adding a public way to access this.

Not until 2.4 or after perhaps.


No reason I can't expose this? As in there's a way I can get at the exact error message in Picasso?

If not, I suppose I'll either have to fork the existing repo or wait until it becomes priority for the project.


Hey @timschambers, Were you able to get a workaround for this? Thank!

Hey @dnkoutso, had the same doubt as @timschambers w.r.t "No reason why you cant expose this". Is there a way to get the exact error reason? Thanks!


No. This is a breaking change. Don't expect it until 3.0.



I made a change to the code that allowed the errors to get percolated up
the call chain. You can do something similar via downloading the source,
setting a breakpoint on the exception handler and then stepping

I do not advise making the same changes, however, as, Jake points out,
they are not guaranteed to work version to version.

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Jake Wharton

No. This is a breaking change. Don't expect it until 3.0.

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