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Sends Resque status from Redis to Graphite.

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A process for polling Resque status from Redis and sending it to Graphite.

Global stats are available for the following metrics:

  • resque.workers - number of workers (idle or otherwise).
  • resque.working - number of active workers.
  • resque.failing - number of unresolved failed jobs
  • resque.failed - total number of failed jobs, ever.
  • resque.processed - total number of processed jobs, ever.

For example, to plot the number of processed jobs over time:


Per-queue stats are also available. For example, for the queue "low":

  • resque.low.pending - number of pending jobs.
  • resque.low.working - number of active workers.

Per-host stats are also available. For example, for host1:

  • host1.resque.workers - number of workers (idle or otherwise).
  • host1.resque.working - number of active workers.

For example, to plot the utilization for host1:

divideSeries(host1.resque.working, host1.resque.workers)
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