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8192aba Oct 26, 2015
@JakeWharton @swankjesse
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set -ex
# Delete any existing temporary website clone
rm -rf $DIR
# Clone the current repo into temp folder
git clone $REPO $DIR
# Move working directory into temp folder
cd $DIR
# Checkout and track the gh-pages branch
git checkout -t origin/gh-pages
# Delete everything that isn't versioned (1.x, 2.x)
ls | grep -E -v '^\d+\.x$' | xargs rm -rf
# Copy website files from real repo
cp -R ../website/* .
# Stage all files in git and create a commit
git add .
git add -u
git commit -m "Website at $(date)"
# Push the new files up to GitHub
git push origin gh-pages
# Delete our temp folder
cd ..
rm -rf $DIR
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