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shift is an application that helps you run schema migrations on MySQL databases
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shift is an application that makes it easy to run online schema migrations for MySQL databases

Who should use it?

shift was designed to solve the following problem - running schema migrations manually takes too much time. As such, it is most effective when schema migrations are taking up too much of your time (ex: for an operations or DBA team at a large organization), but really it can be used by anyone. As of writing this, shift has had no problem running hundreds of migrations a day or running migrations that take over a week to complete.


  • safe, online schema changes (invokes the tried-and-true pt-online-schema-change)
    • supports all "ALTER TABLE...", "CREATE TABLE...", or "DROP TABLE..." ddl
  • a ui where you can see the status of migrations and run them with the click of a button
  • self-service - out of the box, any user can file and run migrations, and an admin is only required to approve the ddl (this is all configurable though)
  • shard support - easily run a single migration on any number of shards


shift consists of 3 components. Each component has its own readme with more details

  • ui: a rails app where you can file, track, and run database migrations
  • runner: a go agent that consumes jobs from an api exposed by the ui
  • pt-osc patch: a patch for pt-online-schema-change from the percona toolkit


Watch a demo video here


Read the installation guide here


Copyright (c) 2016 Square Inc. Distributed under the Apache 2.0 License. See LICENSE file for further details.

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