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###Sign the CLA

All contributors to your PR must sign our Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA). The CLA is a short form that ensures that you are eligible to contribute.

You only need to do this once, so if you've done this for another Square open source project, you're all set. If you are submitting a pull request for the first time, just let us know that you have completed the CLA (we'll look up your github user name).

###One issue or bug per Pull Request

Keep your Pull Requests small. Small PRs are easier to reason about which makes them significantly more likely to get merged.

###Issues before features

If you want to add a feature, please file an Issue first. An Issue gives us the opportunity to discuss the requirements and implications of a feature with you before you start writing code.

###Backwards compatibility

Existing installs of Space Commander should continue to work after upgrading to a version that includes your changes. Some changes may need to include a migration plan.

###Forwards compatibility

Please do not write new code using deprecated APIs.