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Qwiky (WIP)

This is a WIP, please don't use it in production a lot of things will break as we move forward with the development.

Qwiky is a collection of hooks, utilities, and components for Qwik framework.

πŸ¦„ Hooks

Collection of essential Qwik Hooks

πŸ“¦ Getting Started

npm install @qwiky/hooks
# or
pnpm add @qwiky/hooks
# or
yarn add @qwiky/hooks

πŸ—οΈ Contribute

  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b feat/new-hook
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'feat(hooks): add a new hook'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin feat/new-hook
  5. Submit a pull request :D

🀩 Thanks

This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.

Also thanks to the Qwik Team

And thanks to all the contributors on GitHub!

πŸ“„ License

MIT License Β© 2023 Vaggelis Yfantis