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Change log for amqplib

Changes in v0.5.2

git log v0.5.1..v0.5.2
  • Increase encoding buffer to accommodate large header values (PR 367)
  • Bring code up to date with new Buffer interface (PR 350)
  • Fix dangling connection problem (PR 340)
  • Clear up URL credentials parsing (PR 330)
  • Allow connection params to be suppied in object (PR 304)
  • Support explicit numeric types in field tables (e.g., headers) (PR 389, from a suggestion in issue 358)

Thank you to all contributors, of PRs, issues and comments.

Changes in v0.5.1

git log v0.5.0..v0.5.1
  • Fix mistake in closeBecause (PR 298; thanks to @lholznagel and others who reported the issue, and to @nfantone for the rapid fix)

Changes in v0.5.0

git log v0.4.2..v0.5.0
  • Port to use bluebird rather than when.js (PR 295; thanks to @nfantone, and special mention to @myndzi for #158)
  • Fixed a problem with using channel.get in the callback model (PR 283; good catch, @shanksauce)
  • Added an example that uses generators (thanks @rudijs)
  • Fixed a link in the comments relating to heartbeats (thanks @tapickell)

Changes in v0.4.2

git log v0.4.1..v0.4.2

  • Better documentation and examples
  • Replace uses of ES6 keyword 'await'

Changes in v0.4.1

git log v0.4.0..v0.4.1

  • Tested in Node.JS 0.8 through 4.2 and 5.5
  • Emit an error with the 'close' event if server-initiated

Changes in v0.4.0

git log v0.3.2..v0.4.0

  • Tested on Node.JS 0.8 through 4.0 (and intervening io.js releases)
  • Change meaning of 'b' fields in tables to match RabbitMQ (and AMQP specification)
  • Can now pass an object in place of connection URL (PR 159; thanks to @ben-page)
  • Operator-initiated connection close no longer results in 'error' event (issue 110)
  • Channel and Connection errors have now a .code field with the AMQP reply-code, which may help distinguish error cases (PR 150; thanks to @hippich)
  • Connection.close will resolve to an error if the connection is already closed (issue 181)
  • Connection establishment will resolve with an error if the TCP-level connection or the handshake times out (PR 169; thanks to @zweifisch and @RoCat, who both submitted fixes)
  • Add the maxPriority option as an alias for the 'x-max-priority' queue argument (PR 180; thanks to @ebardes)

Changes in v0.3.2 (since v0.3.1)

git log v0.3.1..v0.3.2

  • Make the engine specification more flexible to admit io.js releases

Changes in v0.3.1 (since v0.3.0)

git log v0.3.0..v0.3.1


  • Fail in the right way when a channel cannot be allocated issue 129
  • Make waitForConfirms work properly in callback API PR 116


  • Two new options while connecting: timeout and keep alive (thanks to @rexxars and @jcrugzz respectively)

Changes in v0.3.0 (since v0.2.1)

git log v0.2.1..v0.3.0


  • Allow additional client properties to be set for a connection Issue 98 and PR 80
  • New method in channel API to wait for all unconfirmed messages Issue 89
  • Now supports RabbitMQ's EXTERNAL authentication plugin Issue 105

Changes in v0.2.1 (since v0.2.0)


  • Do tuning negotation properly PR 84

Changes in v0.2.0 (since v0.1.3)

git log v0.1.3..v0.2.0


  • Correctly deal with missing fields (issue 48)


  • Added a callback-oriented API, parallel to the existing, promise-oriented API.
  • The response to assertExchange now contains the exchange name, analagous to assertQueue (issue 49)
  • The channel method prefetch now has a global flag, to be compatible with newer RabbitMQ.

Changes in v0.1.3 (since v0.1.2)

git log v0.1.2..v0.1.3


  • Add support in the API for using Basic.Reject rather than Basic.Nack, the latter of which is a RabbitMQ extension and not in older versions of RabbitMQ.

Changes in v0.1.2 (since v0.1.1)

git log v0.1.1..v0.1.2


  • Restore support for publishing zero-length messages


Changes in v0.1.1 (since v0.1.0)

git log v0.1.0..v0.1.1


  • Safer frame construction, no longer relies on allocating a large, fixed-size buffer and hoping it's big enough
  • The ports of RabbitMQ tutorials now avoid a race between publishing and closing the connection


  • Support for RabbitMQ's consumer priority extension
  • Support for RabbitMQ's connnection.blocked extension
  • Better write speed from batching frames for small messages
  • Other minor efficiency gains in method encoding and decoding
  • Channel and connection state errors (e.g., trying to write when closed) include a stack trace from when they moved to that state
  • The arguments table, passed as an option to some methods, can include fields in its prototype chain
  • Provide the more accurately named persistent as a near equivalent of deliveryMode

Changes in v0.1.0 (since v0.0.2)

git log v0.0.2..v0.1.0

Breaking changes

  • Consumer callbacks are invoked with null if the consumer is cancelled (see RabbitMQ's consumer cancel notification)
  • In confirm channels, instead of #publish and #sendToQueue returning promises, they return a boolean as for normal channels, and take a Node.JS-style function (err, ok) callback for the server ack or nack


  • Overlapping channel and connection close frames are dealt with gracefully
  • Exceptions thrown in consumer callbacks are raised as 'error' events
  • Zero-size messages are handled
  • Avoid monkey-patching Buffer, and eschew require('util')._extend


  • Channels now behave like Writable streams with regard to #publish and #sendToQueue, returning a boolean from those methods and emitting 'drain'
  • Connections now multiplex frames from channels fairly
  • Low-level channel machinery is now fully callback-based