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[RETIRED -- now in SVN trunk] XEP-0060 extension to the Smack XMPP client library
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* XEP-0060 (PubSub) extensions to Smack

*NB*: smackx-pubsub is now in IgniteRealtime's SVN repository, and is
actively maintained there:

That should be considered the canonical source repository; I'm leaving
this here in case there's stuff that hasn't made it into SVN, and for
the notes on ejabberd compatibility below.

Original code by rcollier:
Posted at

Modifications by Michael Bridgen <>, including

** Building

This is a straight-forward Maven build.  Except that it depends on
newer versions of the smack jars than I can find anywhere in a Maven
repo, so I have included them here, along with a script for installing
them.  There are plans to have an igniterealtime Maven repo:  Until then
we'll have to make do.

Note that many of the tests fail with OpenFire, because the library
follows v1.12 of XEP-0060, while OpenFire implements v1.8.

Most tests fail with ejabberd, because of its idiosyncratic node
scheme (see;
but this may be fixable to some extent, and I'm trying it.

$ sh
$ mvn -DskipTests install

This makes a jar file in target/, and installs it to your local Maven

** Debugging

Use the system property smack.debugEnabled to tell smack to show the
XMPP debugger.  I've put it in NetBeans's Actions tab (Project

** Using with ejabberd

The tests will run into ejabberd's registration timeout, giving a 500
Resource Constraint error.  To avoid this, you can put an global
option in ejabberd.cfg:

%% Allow fast regiatrations for testing
{registration_timeout, infinity}.

The 3.10 Smack release also has an error in the SASL implementation,
which results in a NullPointException.  This needs a patch, which I've
included in the JAR for the time being.

(thanks and

Most tests still fail with ejabberd; I've started making the tests use
ejabberd's /home/ node structure, which ought also to work with
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