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Build Status

Adding your paper to the squaresLab site

Adding your paper is now easy! Just drop a BibTeX entry in _bibliography/publications.bib on the update branch and Travis will take care of the rest. If you have a PDF of the paper, slides, or a poster just drop them in the materials directory, naming them key.pdf, key.slides.pdf, and key.poster.pdf respectively. Jekyll-Scholar will automatically pick these up and add the appropriate links. Note: The site is refreshed every few minutes, so you may have to wait to see your changes.

Code, data, tools, and large results should be not be directly served from this site. Instead, the files should be hosted on another site and linked to on our page. You can add links to these by adding code, data, tools, or results fields to the BibTeX entries.

Also, remember to add your paper to the projects page by editing the projects.md file.

NOTE: Updates should be pushed to update and not master. GitHub serves the website from master and that branch is updated automatically.

Inserting a reference on a page

It is also possible to insert a reference on a page using the reference Liquid tag. For an example, see SearchRepair on the Projects page. The format of the tag is {% reference key %}.

Inserting an new main page photo

Put the photo you want to add in the the assets/img directory. Then open _data/MainPhotos.yml and add a new photo item, following the same structure of the other items.

Changing the css of all pages

If you would like to add a css change across all pages, you can add a css rule in assets/css/customCss.css.

Test your changes

Before pushing to the website, you may want to check that your changes look the way you expect. Just run the website locally with:

bundle exec jekyll serve

You can then see the website, typically at (You may need to bundle install first)