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# Radiant Shop
-## [Wiki]([] "Github Wiki Page")
+## Why Another Shop?
+Radiant isn't a standard blogging CMS, it's incredibly simple and lightweight,
+incredibly customisable and extendable and leverages the database for all design
+and content needs.
+There isn't any store software out there which allows you to manage both the content
+and the design of products in a similar way that you would a page or blog post.
+I believe this is a problem, most simple online Stores should try to be a website
+before they try to be an advanced application.
+Radiant Shop doesn't require you to write server side code to build a store.
+Instead you will use Radius tags, html, and css to build a custom store experience.
+You're not limited to one design per category, or even per product. Nor are you forced
+into following a specific checkout process, or to use a certain Gateway.
+_**An online store is just a website**_
+## Need Help?
+The [Wiki]( "Github Wiki Page") is the best source of information
+about the entire project.
+It's in its infancy, and your help is greatly appreciated. You can reach me via
+* [Github Issues](
+* [Twitter](
+I don't use email to manage my extension development work.
## Quickstart
@@ -45,8 +76,8 @@ Seed shop (optional, will help you get on your way)
This extension started as a fork of aurora-soft's simple product manager
and has since undergone a rewrite.
+[Comparison of Extensions](
-Copyright 2010 Dirk Kelly ( and licenced under MIT.
+Copyright 2010 Dirk Kelly []( [@dirkkelly]( and licenced under MIT.
See LICENCE for further information.

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