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A fake hollywood security program inspired by the BS in movies

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This is a Processing sketch that looks like one of those BS security systems in the movies. Picture this, a bomb is going to go off unless the hero cop hacks 'a system'.

Damsel:     "Oh no!  We don't have the password!"
Hero Cop:   "And the bomb is going to go off in one minute."
Damsel:     "We're dead!"
Hero Cop:   "I'll break the mainframe password."
Damesel:    "You can do that?"
Hero Cop:   "Sure.  But I'll have to arrest myself for ..."
            "... breaking and entering."


Get yourself a copy of Processing, failing that, there's some screenshots you can see here below (sshot_1.png etc). Failing that, there's a page on my blog that you can check out the applet version of this thing. It's best if you download the app and run it yourself if you're shooting a movie:

The password is muffin.

After the password is entered (enter key), you're in. It doesn't do anything after that. Hit ESC to quit.

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