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The Premier Hipsterware Dotfiles Repo™

My hipsterware stack.

  • zsh - Awesome shell. Needs oh-my-zsh.
  • tmux - Beats screen. Easy split mode and pane switching.
  • vim config that uses codegram/vimfiles setup.
  • rvm - For managing multiple ruby installs. I flip-flop on rbenv vs rvm.
  • weechat and irssi IRC defaults.
  • gemrc - Gets rid of documentation on Ruby gems.


I'm assuming a clean box here. Please backup your files or really read what these things do.

  • Get a version of ZSH 4.3.9+ installed (5.0.0 is ok too)
  • Get a version of Vim 7.3 installed (7.2 and older is not ok)

    • ./configure needs to have at least --features=big and --enable-multibyte
    • I usually configure like this on a box with older packages:

      ./configure --with-features=huge --enable-multibyte --prefix=$HOME/local

      • Then add ~/local/bin to your path
    • If you can install 7.3 or newer with apt-get or yum, skip compiling.
    • If you installed vim with homebrew, skip compiling.
  • Install oh-my-zsh like normal
  • Install antigen:
    • mkdir ~/.antigen
    • curl -L > ~/.antigen/antigen.zsh
  • Put my dotfiles into place:
    • bash (destroys .vimrc)


I stole so much from sorin-ionescu/dot-files here. I changed a few things here. Like got rid of mouse switching. Ctrl-L which normally clears the shell screen switches panes which is a minor concession. Vim navigation all over the place. It's well documented from sorin.


I do not use RVM gemsets and instead prefer bundler/Gemfile. It's only annoying for main-style scripts (since you don't have a project directory).


mkdir ~/.vimbundles/
cd ~/.vimbundles/

TODO: script the below into here
ack.vim           nim.vim           vim-blockle       vim-cucumber      vim-haml          vim-ragtag        vim-speeddating
ag.vim            supertab          vim-buffergator   vim-dispatch      vim-javascript    vim-rails         vim-surround
bufkill.vim       tabular           vim-bufonly       vim-endwise       vim-json          vim-rake          vim-tbone
ctrlp.vim         tommorow-theme    vim-bundler       vim-eunuch        vim-markdown      vim-repeat        vim-turbux
hexmode           unite.vim         vim-coffee-script vim-fugitive      vim-materialtheme vim-rsi           vim-unimpaired
molokai           vim-abolish       vim-colorschemes  vim-git           vim-pathogen      vim-sensible      vim-vividchalk
neocomplete.vim   vim-airline       vim-commentary    vim-go            vim-pyte          vim-sleuth        vimfiler.vim


Jellybeans is pretty good. Download the jellybeans iTerm2 theme from here


Current Combo:


Phoenix allows you to quickly arrange windows on OSX, sort of like Xmonad. You'll need to install it first (the instructions are easy). The config I use is from the wiki there. The original is in coffeescript and has to be compiled to JS. The phoenix.js file in this repo is already convered and edited a little bit. Here are the key-combinations I use everyday.

Ctrl-Shift starts everything. By default, it's Ctrl-Alt-Cmd but this conflicts with TotalSpaces2.

Ctrl-Shift-Left Arrow = Push window to the left
Ctrl-Shift-Right Arrow = Push window to the right

You can move a window into quads with these four keys:
Ctrl-Shift+ ...
               Screen Corners
              |  Q   |   W   |
              |  A   |   S   |

The rest of the keys are on the wiki (with a nice diagram too).

The installer does not copy this file as it's not really "unixy". If you use Phoenix or just want to try using a nice starting config, copy it and Phoenix will automatically load it.

cp phoenix.js ~/.phoenix.js


My config just adds a shortcut for freenode to auto-authenticate. This can also be achieved by doing this:

# while connected to freenode and after registering etc (or any IRC network)
/network add -autosend "/^msg NickServ identify yourpassword"

Edit ~/.irssi/config and change the CHANGEME bits.

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