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Phase Three Profit


This is a small console app that reports your standings and (hopefull) profits depending on your cost basis. Just fill in your cost details and it will tell you if you've made money or not

This program is READ-ONLY. Don't worry. It just uses your standings for reporting. Go ahead and put in some BS numbers if you want and see how it works. It's really just a spreadsheet that can hit the web to get prices for you automatically.


Phase One - Api Key for Price Updates

You have to sign up for an account at (you might already have one if you're doing bitcoin stuff).

  • Generate an api key at under 'Profile -> API Keys'
  • Set your API Key to Info Only
  • Copy btce-api-key.yml.example to btce-api-key.yml
  • Put your api key and secret into btce-api-key.yml.

Don't share this file with anyone. Please make sure your API Key to info only in the website. This app does not try to do any trading but I don't want you to allow more access than necessary.

Phase Two - Fill in Your Costs

Edit basis.yml and fill in the following:

  • Amount owned
  • Price bought at (that means the currency price)
  • The amount paid or worth at time of purchase (in USD).

Why do I need the amount paid? Well, first of all you should know this for tax season (right?!). Second, everything is based off BTC and there's no way for me to guess at what you paid for it at what time.

For example, with the basis.yml.example file:

  amount:   0.00
  price:    0.00
  usd_cost: 0.00

Let's say I bought 185 TRC coins at .00217 BTC/TRC. It cost me $20 in bitcoins to do so at that moment in time.

  amount:   185.00
  price:    0.00217
  usd_cost: 20.00

Then save the file as basis.yml.

Phase Three - Profit!

You need a Ruby environment up and running. The one that comes with Mac 10.9 is probably ok but it's probably going to need a your password. If you don't like that, install Ruby with RVM.

$ bundle
$ rake report



Maybe you want to hide your totals (for example, the screenshot above).

$ rake test_mode


  • Turn into a long running process like top.


A cryptocurrency report app




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