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section_spacer "01. Primatives"
x = 1
string = "hello"
string = 'hello'
# you don't need to use a dollar sign, like $string
# this is a constant
PI = 3.14159
# There's no such thing as scalars in Ruby. Which is a blessing, because
# figuring out what kind of variable you have is annoying. In Ruby, x is a Fixnum
# and string is a String.
if(x.class == Fixnum)
print "#{x} looks like a number to me.\n";
# ok so what's up with that end?
# this is an if else statement:
# true stuff here
# false stuff here
# a lot of ruby stuff has end at the end, some things will actually take braces
# {
# }
# but most of the time, just look at end and see }
# the if statement if(true) also isn't really "ruby", most things won't need
# parens() unless the language can't figure out which order you mean. Let's
# talk about that.